How Can We Protect A Consumers Privacy While Still Offering An Email Directory?

In the early years of the web there were sites which users could post an email address to as sort of a email directory. Back then these seemed like a simple solution for an increasing need. The email addresses were complied and treated just as phone numbers had been in the past. The solution became an even bigger problem as "spam" became more relevant. It seemed like overnight users had to be fearful of posting email addresses publicly. Hence, these sites became less popular and the email information outdated.

We thought long and hard about offering this type of service, but it wasn’t until we felt we could reasonably protect users’ privacy that we set out to do so. By allowing the website to act as a third party and not displaying all of the actual email address, users have been provided a valuable directory service with which to email the person they were searching for without compromising any person's privacy. We know the new idea is not perfect, and it may still frustrate some users who only want the email address, but at this time we feel it is the best way for us to appeal to both sides. We will always be open to any suggestions our users may have for the directory.

If you feel that you need access to the actual email address and are not comfortable using our site to email, you will likely need to use a paid email search product. For more on these products see our email guide here.