How to Find a Friends Email Address

Sometimes we lose track of old friends and colleagues and wonder where they might be or what they might be up to.  You'd like to send that old friend an email but can't find his/her email address.  Or maybe you are just interested in sending someone an email to say thanks.  Either way, to find a friends email address without so much as a phone number or physical street address is not always an easy task, but there are steps you can take.

Most internet email providers do not publish a directory of their customer’s emails due to privacy concerns.  The first thing you want to do when finding a friends email address is to check our email directory, we don't charge anything and if we can find the email you can use our site to contact your friend.

If we can't find your friends email then you may want to try searching a your friend’s name in your favorite search engine.  You may be surprised, but many people have searched this very way and found information in the search engines from a previous job, school they were a part of, even social networking profiles. If you know the name of their job or school you may want to try typing that in with your friend’s name.  Often the additional information you know about that friend can help reduce mistaken identity. 

The last thing you may want to do if you still can't find your friends email address, is use a professional people search (examples here). This method will cost you money, but some services even guarantee your satisfaction and it won't cost as much as hiring a private detective to look them up.