Reconnecting With Lost Love

For years people have sat around wishing they would have said something differently in an old relationship. They have wondered why they broke up with a certain old boyfriend or girlfriend. They have wondered if things had worked out differently had they not taken that job 400 miles away. Well, I say for the sake of opportunity and "coulda-woulda-shoulda", send them an email and ask.

Lost love isn't necessarily gone love. She/he may have spent the last few years wondering about you too. So what's the next step? For the sake of argument, you could just hit a phonebook website and call if that's your style. I feel a more nonintrusive approach is called for. Plus you are also unsure if this is the right person you are contacting. That kind of an exchange could prove to be awkward. With an email you can ask if this is who you are looking for, get to talking, ask what their life is like and if they are available, then you can exchange numbers and eventually meet.

All this sound great right, so how do you find this old love's email address? will take care of that for you. All you need to provide is the first and last name of the individual. From there the search will bring back a list of a few people and their respective locations. Find who you are looking for and we will help you to send an email to that person.